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A PEB? What for ?

EPB certificate

The PEB certificate (energy performance of buildings) is a document providing information on the energy performance of a property associated with a score (from A to G for the most energy-intensive buildings) and expressed in kWh energy primary per m² and per year. The PEB certificate must be established by an approved certifier by the Brussels Capital region.

To respond to the current energy challenge, the Brussels Capital Region is implementing the PEB regulations which aims to reduce primary energy consumption and CO2 emissions. 

2011   The PEB is mandatory in case of sale or rental.

2022   The PEB weights the indexation of rents in Brussels.

2025  The PEB will be mandatory for all housing in Brussels.


Prepare your visit

The PEB certification of property is accomplished in two stages: visite the property and encode the data in the PEB certification platform. 


PEB Certifier


PEB encoding

Good preparation of the visit is essential to obtain an optimal PEB certificate for the property real estate. Therefore, once the PEB request has been received, we will contact you quickly in order to obtain information about the property and prepare the visit as best as possible. During the visit, the certifier must have access to the premises in order to visually record various technical information such as the thickness of the insulation, the type of boiler or take measurements of the property. Work invoices, technical documents or periodic inspection certificates are also necessary to know, for example, the thermal insulation class of the frames or the efficiency of the boiler. The plans of the property also validate the dimensions of the property. A photo file established during the work can also be added to the PEB file. The list of all prerequisites at the visit is available here. The supporting documents must be available no later than the day of the visit.

Once the visit is overe, the certifier models the surfaces and volumes of loss and encodes the various data in order to calculate the theoretical primary energy consumption of the property. The PEB certificate is established and calculated by rigorously following the legislation and protocol decreed by the region. In addition to the PEB score received (from A to G for the most energy-consuming buildings), the PEB report also indicates a number of actions that improve the energy performance of your property.

The PEB report is first sent to you in a draft version in order to clarify any doubt. Once the PEB report has been accepted, it cannot be modified without reopening the procedure. 

We also carry out PEB certificate simulations in order to indicate to you the the most relevant insulation work to be carried out. 

The PEB certificate once validated is valid for 10 years.

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